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My Mother's Requiem

My Mother's Requiem

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Trish MacEnulty finds herself in a maze of healthcare negotiations and surprising discoveries when her mother, a small-town icon as a composer, pianist, organist, and musical director, can no longer care for herself. Now Trish has two goals: to help her daughter avoid the mistakes that derailed her own life, and to see her mother’s masterpiece, “An American Requiem,” find a new life and a new audience in her mother’s lifetime.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gut wrenching but beautifully told

I knew the main character personally but never really knew her until Trish’s book. This is a story of pain and (maybe) redemption. It is beautifully written and should be required reading for anyone facing a loved one’s descent into a mental neverland.

A Daughter's Dilemma and Devotion

As someone who helped my own mother die and held her hand as she finally flew away from her pain, I could relate deeply to this poignant memoir. MacEnulty lays bare her struggles to help her mother die, from both entanglements of health care and complicated matters of the heart, all while trying to be a good mother and watching her marriage dissolve.

Jake Shisoff
A Great Heartfelt Read

Do your emotional side a favor and read this book. Packed full of beautiful writing and a daughter’s love for her mother.

Tony Thomas
Moving, page turning, sometimes poetic, always true well written a book to be read and reread

Even with a lot of experience with fiction and literary non fiction writers in my 7 decades, this is the kind of book you read and wonder how a writer can be so truthful honest, and real about life and its problems even in fiction, let alone in non fiction about people and places and life experience without what some writers call the "censor" creeping in to hide reality and raw truth. This is a book about how people really live, how families really struggle, and about the personal terror that confronts us in our lives, as well as about the real struggles that grow in families, that grow in marriages, but capturing so much real life. Having read Pat's fiction and non-fiction for years and know his skill and also her acclaim not only as a prize-winning fiction and screen writer, but also for decades she is renown as a writer's writer, the kind of writer you meet good fiction writers who tell you here is a great one you may never have heard of. Once I started this book, I could barely put it down, staying up too late at night snapping myself up in the morning to see this book to the end. I know Pat has worked at writing and self-realization for decades, but I still finished this saying how can someone write something so honest, so real, that grabs you and speaks to the reality of our lives, husbands and wifes, children and parents, and growing old in a way that grabs the attention and speaks to the lives of all of us. One I know I will read and reread. Thanks Pat McEnulty

Florida Girl
A beautiful and honest journey

Taking care of an aging parent can be a deeply challenging journey in multiple ways. This book was beautifully written and chock full of honest disclosure about the practical difficulties. It was also full of a daughter’s love for her mother within the difficulties. Sharing her mother’s full humanity and life beyond this last chapter gave me a deep appreciation for a life well lived. I love this book. I purchased the original version when it first came out and it is still on my bookshelf. I have shared it with friends over the years. Read it.