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Cinnamon Girl paperback

Cinnamon Girl paperback

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When her step-grandmother, a retired opera singer, dies of cancer in 1970, 15-year-old Eli Burnes runs away with a draft-dodger, thinking she's on the road to adventure and romance. Instead she's embroiled in a world of underground Weathermen, Black Power revolutionaries, snitches and shoot-first police. Eventually Eli is rescued by her father, who turns out both more responsible and more revolutionary than she'd imagined. But when he gets in trouble with the law, she finds herself on the road again, searching for the allies who will help her learn how to save herself.

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Customer Reviews

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Karen McAtlin
Excellent book!

This is a well-written fantastic story about a girl growing up in the late 60s/early 70s. I was too young during the time period to remember a lot of these events, so it was very interesting to learn what it was like. This is a very emotional story and I cried through a lot of it. I couldn't put this book down. The characters are well written and I was instantly connected to Eli immediately and wanted to find out more. The author made me feel like I was right there experiencing the 70s with Eli. I highly recommend this book to other readers.I received an ARC of this book from my book club, The Niche Reader. All opinions are my own honest ones.

Rennette Grace
Loved This Book !

Cinnamon Girl by Trish MacEnulty is a book of historical fiction. It's difficult for me to write "historical" despite it being about a 15 year old girl in 1970 (53 years ago) because I clearly remember myself as a 17 year old girl in 1970. Even though the fictional Eli Burnes was raised in an opposite area of the United States from me, I felt like some of her experiences with people and her circumstances were similar to experiences that I lived through as a teen-age girl. The similarities definitely made it easy for me to care about the main character in the novel and kept me engaged to see what happened to her next. How Eli thought and felt about what was happening and what she did in response to the events in her life that year were often similar to how I thought, felt, and reacted at that time in my life. However, some of her actions left me wishing I could stop her from doing something stupid - but they only seem stupid to me now when I've had decades of life to gain some knowledge and wisdom about avoiding dangerous situations.I give credit to the author for painting a very realistic picture of the events and culture of that year in history. MacEnulty definitely deserves kudos for capturing the inner emotions of a teen girl troubled by circumstances beyond her own control.I received a free copy of this book via The Niche Reader.

Patsy Hennessey
Captivating Girl

I was drawn in immediately by Eli and her step-grandmother and the beautiful and happy life they led. The characters in this book are fleshed out and feel like real people. I was enchanted by Eli, a young woman with pluck, intelligence, and spirit.After her charming grandmother passes, Eli's future is uncertain. She's unhappy with the idea of living with her feckless father and his new wife, so she runs away into an uncertain future peopled by the many people, good and bad, helpful and dangerous, that she meets along her way.This is a journey worth going on with her, through the culture of the 70s and the changing times that shaped many of us and our friends and families. You'll enjoy the ride and be unable to forget the Cinnamon Girl.**I received a free copy of this book via The Niche Reader**

April B.
Eli may be young but she is tough, so don't underestimate her!

I loved the 1970 setting of this novel, the time is described in such detail that you really feel transported to a different Era! The main character Eli is a teen so when she decides to take off after the death of her Step Grandmother, she finds out the world is a lot tougher than she first thought with the political climate, cultural shifts and unrest. Eli is young so of course during her journey she makes some impulsive decisions, but she is also very smart while she deals with the trials of self discovery, love and trauma. The stories complexities of family struggles will really connect with readers that also have messy family dynamics in their own lives. Cinnamon Girl is a coming of age story anyone would enjoy and I highly recommend it!

Max Smedwell
Wonderful depiction of the turbulent 70’s

I received a free copy of this book from Niche Reader. As someone who came of age in the late 60’s - early 70’s, I was captivated from the first sentence of Cinnamon Girl. The civil unrest, racism, drugs, quick to shoot cops - not much has changed 50 years later - brought me right back to those times. Eli had to deal with far more than her fair share of adversity at the young age of 15, and following her journey was poignant. I love how the music of the times was woven throughout the story - I remember the music festival that precluded Woodstock. I’m going to choose this book for our book club, I’m sure it will lead to a very spirited discussion!