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The Hummingbird Kiss paperback

The Hummingbird Kiss paperback

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The '70s are young, and 18-year-old Trish is a newlywed. When a Florida judge sentences her junkie husband to ten years for stealing stereos, she immediately seeks out a fix, and before she knows it she's hooked. She and her friends work small scams to score, head to California in search of better highs, move back to Florida, shoot up and nod off every chance they get — until death gets some of them.

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Jessica Burk
I have read this book at least 3 times

This is a beautiful, honest, masterfully written and impactful true life story! Trish doesn’t hold anything back.

The last chapter will help others.

The Hummingbird Kiss: My Life as an Addict in the 1970sBy Trish MacEnultyMemoirBook Review by Sylvia JacobsThis book is a memoir about the author who had a drug addiction. She is married and her husband has the same addiction as well. The couple lived with the author's mom in an apartment.She was 18 at that time and the time was the 1970s. Trish was a newlywed at that time. Her husband gets convicted and will have to be in jail for ten years. “He stole stereos and skipped out on a court ordered drug program”.She wanted to be like everyone else but she had this addiction so what would she do? She wanted to be loved by someone.She unfortunately picked up the drug habit with her husband.What would happen now as he is gone? Would she continue her drug addiction or seek help? Would she go to jail for something she did? Will she see the light and will her life finally begin at 25 years old after all that has happened?The positive in this book was reading about the author's brother and how he helped her at that young age. The biggest positive is the outcome of the book. “Wipe out the past and start fresh and innocent”. “Be warm, be friendly, have a good attitude about life and about yourself”. I loved these sayings that are toward the end of the book. The last chapter of the book was excellent and makes you very proud of the author. This chapter is meant to help others, bravo to her for writing it.The negative aspect of this book is that it described the way the drugs were used. It was hard to read the details of the addiction. It was saddening to read that she had a father and a stepfather who had addictions as well. It was saddening to read that people were dying around her and that she was always getting into trouble, in my opinion.

Amazing read

This book is an amazing read. An incredible writer and story. I couldn’t put it down! Whether you are in recovery, know someone who is, or just looking for a new read.. pick this one.

Amazon Customer
Moving emotional novel creates great empathy for its main character.

You deeply care about the main character following her journey as she doesn’t hear the advice of making good choices. Your heart breaks as she stuffers in her journey. So hummingbirds kiss is much better, it reminds me of the famous book, Go Ask Alice.” Trish MacEnulty‘s book is a moving portrait of a young woman. I must read.

Brutal, sad, gut wrenching... but an authentic journey into the abyss that traps too many

You will devour this story, slowly, page by page. I usually start and finish a book weekly. This took 3 months. I'm sorry it ended. The nightly rush came in jolts of metaphors and similes. On her bus ride to prison: "Then we got closer to Gainesville. Along the road the crepe myrtles were blooming - light pink and bright pink and white. They waved in the wind and I felt as if they were waving me in, waving me in to something new, brand new" Others described feelings you wondered how you could try to explain to a Martian who just landed and asked you to interpret the words 'sad' or 'purple. Of her religious experience in prison: "The earth falls out from underneath my feet. I'm not sure what I'm feeling because I've never thought of God in this way.... It rises up in me and opens every door in my heart and my head and something cool as a rainbow flows in." Many stun you. The genius of her writing gift is brevity - " The summer night was warm as liquor" "The rain felt like pastel colors in the warm air." Her words made me feel her feelings in a world where I've only seen the results but rarely experienced. It's one of those rare reads that you're sorry it ends, like a box of dark and secret forbidden chocolates but you're addicted to and even though your brain argues no more, you come always come back. Until it ends.