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Book 2 of Delafield & Malloy Investigations

The Butterfly Cage paperback

The Butterfly Cage paperback

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In the fall of 1913, society writer Louisa Delafield suffers from panic attacks because of her recent abduction. Taking a trip out west to interview the Prince of Monaco only makes matters worse. Even in the pristine wilderness, a procurer is stealing girls for the purposes of sex trafficking. The only way Louisa can overcome her debilitating attacks is to find and stop this man.

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Kindle Customer
Where have all our daughters gone?

When you pick up a Delafield and Malloy mystery you can be sure you’ll find certain elements: it will include every class of society, from debutantes to prostitutes; a wide expanse of geography, in this case from Manhattan way out west to Wyoming and way down south to Panama; a cast that brings historical figures to vivid life, from Buffalo Bill to William Howard Taft--and It will focus on issues as urgent today as they were a hundred years ago: in this case, the trafficking of young women. And betrayal. It will include heart-breaking betrayal. Which leads to a plateful of danger. The search for one kidnapped girl balloons into a chase to stop a serial predator who has all the cards on his side, even while Louisa must come to grips with her own traumatic past. If you haven’t read any Trish MacEnulty yet, it’s time to start.

Florida Girl
Historical Timeframe, Modern Sensibility

I've read all of the novels in this series and enjoyed them. I particularly love that they are not romance centered novels and that while they take place in the past, the author does not show deference to the mores of that time. She instead brings attention to the social limitations and structures and the ways in which they were not "the good old days". She creates characters that are strong and intelligent and growing and a story that is interesting and engaging and keeps you turning the page!

A moving narrative once again!

When you are reading a MacEnulty thriller pls understand that it isn't a cliche thriller. It is a strong social commentary. The authors takes us back in time, acquaints us with the historical events of the time vis-a-vis the treatment of women and less privileged, helps us meet formidable women of the time who defy the odds and stand up for what's really important. Delafield and Malloy are the recurring sleuths in this series and they are badass. They are humane. They instantly become your favs. In this installment of the series you see Delafield struggle with panic attacks owing to a past traumatic event. Her life further brings on a brink of point from where she either turns around and walks away or bravely faces her fears. And as much as you know these characters you'll know that she bravely faces her fears. What's disturbing are the harsh realities of prostitution and sex trafficking. But Lousia has to do everything possible to make sure the culprit is brought to limelight and justice served. The book also speaks of yellow and white slavery alongside black slavery. That's another social angle the author has delved into in this book. I think MacEnulty's thriller aren't thrillers they pack a punch, make you ponder, reacquaint you with history and hence makes for a compelling read. A must read!

I could not stop reading!

I rarely allow myself to read for several hours at one sitting, but I could not put this book down or part with the characters! Trish MacEnulty gives us a great story, teaches us some American history, adds romance, action, bravery & The Wild West! All of this during the background of The Gilded Age! I especially loved her smorgasbord of female characters! Amazon will be delivering Book Three of the series to me today! Dusting may have to wait!

Kathy Reddy
This is historical fiction.

The Butterfly Cage by Trish MacEnulty appealed to me as I am an avid reader of historical fiction. This novel is set in the 1910s era of our country, and this was the first time for me to read of that era. I enjoyed her depiction of the 1910s. It is common for writers to enhance their fiction with historical settings and scenery, and MacEnulty keeps her fiction historically accurate, for the most part. The main characters, Louisa and Ellen, have appeared in MacEnulty's series called The Delafield and Malloy Investigations. However, this was my first time reading a book from the series. I admired the author's depiction of Wyoming and New York and I admired the 2 main characters for their perseverance and bravery. I was caught up in the mystery of the kidnapped girls as this was a part of America's history I was barely aware of. There were numerous people to keep track of, but I liked the chapters alternating between the characters' voices. A highlight was the inclusion of Prince Albert of Monaco and his visit to Cody, WY. ( Side note: On Sept. 28, 2023, a new research grant for biodiversity studies in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem will be given by the current Prince Albert in his great, great grandfather's memory and 100th anniversary of his hunting trip with Buffalo Bill Cody.)Louisa and Ellen are lovers, but that does not distract from the story. I admired Ellen's attitude toward the class system. There is a lot more to the story but I do not want to spoil it for the reader.