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Book 3 of Delafield & Malloy Investigations

The Burning Bride

The Burning Bride

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In 1913 Manhattan, St. Augustine, Dublin, and Berlin, Louisa and Ellen confront dynamite-wielding anarchists, hungry alligators, and a raging fire, but the toughest obstacles they face are their own wayward hearts.

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Customer Reviews

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A gripping historical thriller that's not just a period drama

This book isn't just a period drama. It is a gripping historical thriller laced with social, political and economical aspects. The narrative is set in world war 1 times when there are constant clashes between two sects of the society. In midst of the turmoil our protagonist is attacked in a social wedding and then begins the chase with the societal outlook unfurling one page at a time. This book, like the previous one in the series, had me in it's thrall. It's full of gunshots and dynamites, the push and pull eminent. Alongside there are stalwarts making an appearance in this installment.

Florida Girl
Dive in!

I enjoyed this book even more than the first in the series. Of course, the fact that it largely took place in St. Augustine, Florida and I live not far from there was part of the reason. I totally reveled in the descriptions of places I know with a more "present day" story of the place than I experience now. I like that the characters are sharing the details of their backstories and I get to know them better. It was a lot of fun!

L. Stewart
Riveting, Rich, and Well-Researched

Did I read them (this book and the first in the series) while I should have been catching up on sleep? Yes. Do I have any regrets? Resoundingly, NO. The book really feels well-researched, and even the "ensemble cast", for lack of a better phrase on my part, are interesting and make me want to fill in the blanks of their backstories. My primary complaint is that both books are unfortunately relevant to today's issues despite being set over 100 years ago. I would have hoped we'd have collectively learned better by now.